Graphic by David WallerOwn a Piece of Blues History TodayGraphic by David Waller

   Wouldn't you like to own a piece of history, a piece of the Delta Blues tradition, a piece of legendary Highway 61.   All the great blues artist such as B. B. King, Robert Johnson, etc, traveled this path from the Mississippi Delta to fame and fortune in Memphis.   This 'path' found its way into the very soul of the Blues and many times became the inspiration for the music itself.

   When the Casinos moved into Tunica County, old Highway 61 was four-laned.   The original concrete surface was completly torn out and hauled off to a secret location.   We were lucky enough to save a few pieces of this important historical relic.   You can now share in this 'archeological find' as well as impress your 'yuppie' friends.

Own a Piece of Blues History Today!

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